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Protogrove of the Live Oaks, ADF

The Wheel of the Year, 2008 CE
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The Wheel of the Year, 2008 CE
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Recap of the First Annual Imbolc Campout! 2008
Annual Central Region Campout

Crossquarters, solstices, and equinoxes aligned with time and dates for 2008 according to the phases astrologically!

2008 Event
Date (2008)
Central Time
Winter Crossquarter (Imbolc, Brigid, Brigantia)
Feb. 4th
11:58 AM
Vernal Equinox
March 20th
12:48 AM
Spring Crossquarter (Beltane, May Day)
May 5th
9:53 AM
Summer Solstice
June 20th
6:59 PM
Summer Crossquarter (Lughnassadh, Lammas)
Aug. 6th
2:51 PM
Autumnal Equinox
Sept. 22nd
10:44 AM
Autumn Crossquarter (Samhain, Hallowmas)
Nov. 6th
7:54 AM
Yule Solstice
Dec. 21st
6:04 AM


SOLSTICE* (Solsc): either of the two extremes of the Earth’s 23.4 axial-tilt relative to the sunlight falling on its surface. Only at the Summer Solstice is the Earth’s north pole tilted the full 23.4 towards the Sun... and only at the Yule Solstice is it tilted the full 23.4 away.

EQUINOX (Eqx): the Spring or Autumn quarter begins for the Northern Hemisphere as the North and South Poles momentarily are poised on the Earth’s terminator; the boundary-line between night and day. As a consequence, only at these times of year are the hours of night and day equal.

CROSSQUARTER (XQ): here is defined as the moment in time precisely half-way between an adjacent solstice and equinox. Not being an actual formal astronomical term, "crossquarter" can be defined in a number of ways (see a more extended discussion of this issue here).


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