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Protogrove of the Live Oaks, ADF

Past ritual pictures, video, and or audio.
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Recap of the First Annual Imbolc Campout! 2008
Annual Central Region Campout

As we grow in our path, we like to see that.  Here we have rituals of our past, the script, the audio, pictures, and more.  Please take a look around and let us know what you think.

We have done several rituals unfortunatly that are not documented still.  Therefore at this time you will see the rituals that we do have.  Just click on the ritual and be taken to the page that is all about that particular day!  Please enjoy!

Lughnasadh 2007. We have the script (which was in the 2007 Liturgist Yearbook)and a few picutres. This was a very interesting touching ritual.

Yule 2007, for this one we only have the ritual script.

Beach ritual 2008. This we did for cleansing. It was a fun day for all and we might have video of it soon too! Right now we have the script and audio.

Lughnasadh 2008! We have audio, waiting on script and pictures to come!

We are located in
South East Texas