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Protogrove of the Live Oaks, ADF

Lughnasadh 2007
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Our altar of the occasion.

Lughnasadh Ritual done silently.

This ritual was written for the Sweetgum Protogrove Ritual for 2007. No one said a word during

it and was one of the most spiritual experiences out there.

Pre set up:

Two areas are set up. One will be set up to gather for pre-ritual and for last part of the night. The

other will be where the actual ritual will be.

(Bell rings or hand drum done in parts of the ritual where there are stars. Brian will ring the bell

where the person doing that part is.)

Initiating the Rite

Opening Prayer and intro by Lesley In Sign Language (Signed English)and spoken all done in


Pre-ritual outline

Introduction to the rite. At this time we will give information about Lughnasadh.

Opening Prayer:

We are here to keep the old ways.

O Shining Ones, hear us as we pray you

As Children of the Earth.

Let our call come unto you

With honor and truth,

As we work the work of wisdom.

Mighty Mother of All, First Goddess,

Bless and uphold this rite

We pray you with love and reverence.

As above, as below, so be it.

Processional - from this point on silence observed by all.

This is announce by hand drum Tom Tom which is played all the way into the ritual space.

An innocent will purify each person with the sage. This must take place prior to Opening the

Gates. The person will sage the people.

Another person will takes a plate of food to the outsiders and the GO will blesses the fire and

water by oil.

*Honoring the Earth Mother

Druid 1 throws dirt.

Statement of Purpose

Unrolling of a sign to show that it is Lughnasadh by Druid 2.

*(Re)Creating the Cosmos

Sacred Center must be established in a triadic Cosmos Druid 3, Druid 2, and GO. Three stand in

a triangle, one lifting hands up, one lowering hands to the earth, and one with one hand up one

hand down.

The Three Worlds or Realms must be acknowledged

Sacred Center is most commonly represented as Fire (Druid 2), Well (Druid 3) and Tree (GO)

same three offer oil to one.

Opening the Gate(s) - Must include a Gatekeeper by vesta powder by all three

Inviting the Three Kindreds

*Offerings of berries and nuts for nature spirits by Druid 2

*Candles are lit by members for the ancestors.

*Pause and lift hands for the hearth deities.

Key Offerings

*Invitation of Beings of the Occasion Incense for Lugh and *herbs for Morgan

Praise Offerings drums and music and let others dance

*Prayer of Sacrifice signed out by GO and will not be spoken!

Prayer of Sacrifice:

Through our praise, love and sacrifice;

We honor deities, as they walk among us.

Through communication with the Otherworld;

We receive their guidance, inspiration and insight.

Tonight we call out from the crossroads to our guests of honor!

As we prepare to make our final sacrifice.

The final sacrifice is prepared.

It is in love, honor and respect that we have offered hospitality to the Kindred this night.

We have given them praise; made our sacrifice.

It is our hope that our silence and sacrifice have conveyed our love.

We ask once more through the Gates and deep within the Otherworld that all shall know of our


Mighty Kindred, we honor you.

The final sacrifice is made.

Kindred, accept our sacrifice!

Prayer of Sacrifice Text Raven & Carrion Mann


Druid 3 draws a rune and shows everyone

*Calling (asking) for the Blessings

Druid 2 grab horn and brings it to GO

Hallowing the Blessing

GO holds it up for the blessing

Affirmation of the Blessing Passing of the water for all to take a sip.


Volunteers pass that around, bread and juice

Thanking the Beings

All bow in silence and thank them.

Closing the Gate(s)

GO offers oil to signify this.

Thanking the Earth Mother

Druid 1 gives back the earth that was not used

Closing the Rite

GO stomps ground with staff to signify this and all file out the area.


We are located in
South East Texas