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Protogrove of the Live Oaks, ADF

Calendar of Events

Past Rituals
Location of events
Calendar of Events
What is ADF?
What is Neopaganism?
What is a Druid?
Neopagan Druids
Outline of Druid Worship
Our Purpose
The Wheel of the Year, 2008 CE
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Recap of the First Annual Imbolc Campout! 2008
Annual Central Region Campout


Sweetgum Protogrove is there for the community with events all year round.  Please check the calendar and join us.

Ongoing Events:

If you would like to learn more about ADF and Sweetgum Protogrove, then please join us every last Sunday at 4pm for classes. 


We will break down every aspect of ADF and our way of Druidism.  How it differs from other Druid organizations and pagan paths.  We hold our conversations in a laid back round table manner.  We accept all opinions and learn together.


Fun times to learn, meet new people, and grow as a community!  These will be at Sylvan Park on Clear Lake City Blvd.  Please visit the tab marked class for the outline that we will be going over.


Please bring a dish to share with all (6-7 people), for we have a picnic and share a meal together.  Also bring a chair to sit in and good spirits.  It is kid friendly and places for them to play while we talk.

July and August 2008


26th - 27th  Beach party, contact Lesley for more information (
27th Pot luck at the park cancelled due to all at the beach.

1st New Moon (FYI) and Lughnasadh celebration contact Andrew for more information.

16th Full Moon (FYI)
31st Potluck at the Park!

Rituals for the year and location

Feb. 2nd
Imbolc Ritual
At camp out.
March 22nd
Ostara Ritual
Sylvan Park
May 3rd
Beltane Ritual
Alvin, TX

June 21st

Litha Ritual
Sylvan Park

Aug. 1st

Lughnasadh Ritual
Alvin, TX

Sept. 20th

Maybon Ritual
Pasadena, TX

Oct. 31st

Samhain Ritual
Pasadena, TX

Dec. 21st

Yule Ritual
Pasadena, TX

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.

We are located in
South East Texas