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Protogrove of the Live Oaks, ADF

2008 Beach Ritual of Cleansing
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To all who have come out:


I want to take this time to thank you.  You did not have to come, yet you did.  Tonight we will stand as one.  Tonight will be my last time to stand as GO and presiding Druid.  This is a special night and much is going to happen.

For each here, even if it is in spirit, I ask this of the Kindred for you.

May the Shining Ones be kind to you and bless you with love.
May the Ancestors watch over you and keep away ill will.
And may the nature spirits give you prosperity.


I am honored to have been apart of this Protogrove and community.  I love many and hope nothing but the best for all who will continue onward.  Thank you for a wonderful time spent and memories unlike any other.


With much love,
Lesley Gary
Beach Ritual 2008


Ritual for the beach….this ritual is for cleansing, blessings, passing of the grove to others, and healing.  There is no title that fits it.  There is too much going on in it to say it was for this or that.  It is a ritual of many workings.


Items needed for ritual:

Sage, Well, Tree, Fire pit, chalice, silver, whiskey, water, oil, herbs, grain, sword, Sigel, runes, staff, ritual book, table, bowls to hold things, drums, bell, beer, plate of food, incense, paper, pens,


Out line and chants:


  1. Ritual set up to be done by presiding druid and other callers of the ritual.
  2. Pre-ritual where all will be explained. - Lesley
  3. Two Power Meditation to bring all as one - Lesley
  1. Procession to ritual space. - All

    By the Land Beneath Us

By the land beneath us
By the sea surrounding us
By the sky above us
We come unto the gods

Author unknown

  1. Outsiders acknowledged on way – Andrew (beer and food given)
  2. Purification of participants Lesley and Andrew (sage and water)
  3. Bride called for Bardic inspiration – Lesley (whiskey to fire)
    Power of inspiration, attend to us; Come into our hearts' shrine. Guide our rite in the way of truth. O power of inspiration in this holy place, O power of inspiration at this holy time. Biodh se!


  1. Honoring of the Earth Mother - Lesley (grain given to earth)

    Earth Mother, we sing to your body,
    Earth Mother, we sing to your bones,
    Earth Mother, we honor your spirit,
    Earth Mother, we honor your stones.
    Author Unknown

  2. Honoring of the Sky Father – Andrew (incense given to the fire)

    Sky Father, we sing to your heavens,
    Sky Father, we sing to your dome,
    Sky Father, we honor your spirit,
    Sky Father, we honor your realm.
    By Lesley Gary

  3. Statement of Purpose – Lesley
    Cutting of binds
    Passing of grove

  4. Creating the Cosmos – Lesley (Oil to fire, smoke to tree, and silver to well)

    Fire, bright fire
    Gate to the Shining Ones
    Fire, bright Fire
    Our passage to the Sky
    Fire, bright Fire
    Warmth of our Community
    Spark of Life
    We honor you now

    Well, deep Well
    Gate to the Underworld
    Well, deep Well
    Our passage to the Sea
    Well, deep Well
    Wisdom of the Ancestors
    Waters of Life
    We honor you now

    Tree, great Tree
    Gate that reaches everywhere
    Tree, great Tree
    With you we share the Land
    Tree, great Tree
    Our passage to the Otherworld
    Source of Life
    We honor you now
    By Pandora
  5. Calling to the gate keeper  and Opening the gates – Lesley (Kirk Style with staff)
    Druid 1 says:

Sacred is this land to us; sacred is all land to us, for it is the world in which we walk.

Waves of the sea, you are touches of the Otherworld dancing endlessly to rise and recede at our shores.

Skies above, you are the very world of the Gods of our people, with shining eye, sweeping winds, and blessings raining down.

We are here in the Sacred Center of the worlds of land, sea and sky. Here the Gates Between The Worlds may be opened.

A drum beat begins and rattles are used to fill the sound. The People begin to chant, over and over: Open the Gates. Open the Gates. Open the Gates……

When the chants, drums and rattles are well established, Druid 1 says (over the chants):

Gatekeeper! Open the ways for us. We walk in your holy ways; we walk the Sacred Road. Share your power with us; ward us as we walk in safety. Gatekeeper, accept our sacrifice!

The chanting, drums and rattles continue. They increase in speed and volume.

Druid 1 holds the bottom of his staff, pointing the top of it at the top of the World Tree. He begins to spin widdershins, faster and faster. When his staff first passes the Fire, Druid 1 says:

Let the Fire open as a Gate!

He continues spinning at least one full revolution.

As his staff passes over the Well, Druid 1 says:

Let the Well open as a Gate!

He continues spinning at least one full revolution.

As his staff passes by the Tree, Druid 1 says:

Let the Tree connect the Worlds!

There is a loud drum roll ending in a strong stroke. The chant, drumming and rattles stop. Druid 1 stops spinning, holds both hands (and staff) in the air and shouts:

Let the Gates be open!


  1. Calling the Three Kindred – Diana (oil for ancestors, grain for nature spirits, and incense to Shining ones)

    Inviting the Kindreds: Chthonics/Mids/Uppers (Samhain 2007)

By Michael J Dangler


Calling to the Upper Kindreds

High in the Heavens, Heroes and Holy

Beyond the visible reaches of the Sky

Beyond the Veil of the Stars and Sun

Those Kindred that shine with light from Above

Shining Ones, Ancestors, Nature Spirits

Far-Seeing and Brightly clothes in gold light

Come to my Fire, offerings for Thee

A welcome to the Powers of Heaven

Be comfortable in m y abode tonight.


Calling to the Middle Kindreds

Here among us are Gods and Dead and Sidhe

Standing within mists, coming to meet us

Coming nearer as we give offering

Standing next to us in our times of need.

In trees and streams, under foo t, in the air

The Spirits of Place surround us always

Their songs reach our ears, their beauty our eyes

I call welcome to Spirits of this Realm

Be comfortable in m y abode tonight.


Calling to the Chthonic Kindreds

Down below our feet, deep within the ground

In the fertile womb of the Earth Mother

Are denizens of Dark, unknown to us:

Gods of the Earth, Ancestors, and Earth-Kin.

Our bones will rest here though our soul will rise

Now we pour libation to these Kindred

Knowing their place in life and the Cosmos

I welcome the spirits of Dark Earth.

Be comfortable in m y abode tonight.


  1. Deities of the Occasion – Lesley
    Domnu (Silver to ocean)
    Dagda (Oil to fire)
  2. Allow other to cast up how they feel fit
    (These were chosen before hand and asked.)
  3. Paper passed out for the letters of concern for those we follow to handle to be given to the fire - Lesley
  4. Letters written - All
  5. Offered in silence to the fire, with maybe on drummer - All
  6. Water cleansing in ocean - All
    (once for body, once for mind, once for spirit)
  7. Cutting of negative ties, bindings, or things that are causing harm for those that wish to have a ceremonial cutting. – Lesley for those that wish (Sword)
  8. Passing over leadership of grove – Lesley and Andrew (Sigel)
  9. Other business if any is needed
  10. Prayer of Sacrifice – Lesley (oil to fire)
  11. Omen - Andrew
  12. Return blessings asked for – Lesley (Chalice and water)
  13. Acknowledge - All
  14. Waters of Life passed around - All
    Pour the waters, raise the cup.
    Drink your share of wisdom deep.
    Strength and joy now fill us up.
    As the elder ways we keep.

    (optional extra verses)
    When in ancient pagan days,
    Fire was lit in sacred groves,
    Powers of the gods did flow,
    Bringing healing, wit, and love.

    We in our time likewise go,
    To the grove our trove to give,
    To the gods, the dead, the sidhe,
    And their blessings to receive.

    So pour the waters, raise the cup.
    Drink your share of wisdom deep.
    Strength and joy now fill us up.
    As the elder ways we keep.
    By Ian Corrigan

  15. Thanking those called – those that called up
  16. Close Gates - Lesley
  17. Thank the Earth Mother – Lesley         
  18. Thank the Sky Father - Andrew
  19. Closing of ritual - Lesley


We are located in
South East Texas